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The project is the 3D camera for iPhone raised money for mass production [video]

The developers of the company Matter And Form has released a portable device that can turn an iPhone into a 3D scanner. The process of creating three-dimensional models using Bevel is not much more difficult to obta in conventional photo: the user is interested it takes an object (be it a work of art, a technical detail or a face) from different angles, and the app automatically creates a 3D model taking into account the actual size of the object and its position in space.

Bevel is a module with a laser that attaches to a smartphone via a standard audio Jack. When the three-dimensional surface scanning (the authors develop a process called 3D photography) camera smartphone manufactures high-frequency recording, fixing the position of the laser on the object scan. After processing the data the app generates a 3D model. Currently supported platforms are iOS and Android.

Three-dimensional scanner based on smartphones opens up new opportunities for graphic designers, the creators of special effects, historians and researchers from different fields of science, say the developers Bevel. Information obtained from the camera is processed by the GPU. The user does not have to transfer it to a remote server or computer. If necessary, it is made the basis of images you can add new photos. Thus, the 3D picture will be continuously enhanced and improved.

With Bevel, you can create 3D copies of the objects even in low light. Thus, taken into account the physical size of the item, which is digitised. The user does not have to specify any options: all done automatically. The resulting model can be used for detailed study or three-dimensional printing.

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The project is the 3D camera for smartphone Bevel gathered necessary for the production of $200 000 over two weeks before the end of the crowdfunding campaign on the website Kickstarter. To get your copy of the Bevel, the project will need to donate from $39.

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