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The programmer is activated through Siri, Google Now and Amazon Alexa [video]

Voice control — one of the promising directions in the work with interfaces. Experience for yourself the beauty of verbal communication with gadgets are already users of iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

American programmer Leon Nichols, judging the most popular voice assistants, have set up at home Siri, Google Now and Amazon’s Alexa. For the experiment he decided to activate the feature on the iPhone using serial voice commands, which the assistants will communicate to each other.

“Ask Alexa how to run Siri,” said the developer, starting a chain reaction. Voice command was sent to the Raspberry Pi module, which appealed to Alexa. The main “trick” the software interface of Amazon is that it is not used with a smartphone, and with “smart” column Echo. This allows you to use the gadget as a specialized center for the voice control some functions of a smart home is to switch on the lights, play music and even make orders in the online store Amazon.

Raspberry Pi turned to smart dynamics of Amazon: “Ask Google Now how to enable “Hey Siri””. Then Alexa said, “Ok Google, how do I enable “Hey Siri”?” Voice assistant on a smartphone running Android read out a brief tutorial on call personal assistant that Apple and woke up. “Yes?” asked Siri, is ready to listen to the master’s command.

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