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The program of replacement of defective batteries in the iPhone 6s has become a real nightmare for Apple employees

In late November, Apple launched a program to replace batteries in the iPhone 6s. They affect only a limited number of smartphones that were released in between September to October 2015. To replace them will be defective power supplies that are guilty of spontaneous / off devices. As it turns out, employees of retail stores Apple is not too happy with running this program.

Given that for repair every iPhone goes from 20 to 45 minutes, and employees of one store have to do it 15-30 times a day, it is much more than they can do physically, told Business Insider guru Genius Bar.

In the end, the problem relates not only to Apple employees and iPhone owners, as they often face serious delays in the repair process.

In the Apple that, in addition to unexpected shutdowns a defect in the battery of the iPhone 6s there was no danger and certainly is not for users in any danger. However, cases of spontaneous switch-off of smartphones – not the only problem Apple lately. Previously, the company was criticized due to a failure of the graphics subsystem of the new MacBook Pro. Laptops are a lot of money, but device owners are faced with the distortion of the image.

Not to mention the delays in the deliveries of AirPods wireless headphones that were supposed to go on sale in October. All of this to a certain extent shaken the reputation of Apple, which prides itself on impeccable quality of products and compliance with their obligations.

According to the official statement of the company, the problem with the battery for a small amount of iPhone 6s, produced in the period from September to October 2015. The owners of these copies were offered a free battery replacement in retail stores or authorized service centers.

In a subsequent statement, cupertinos acknowledged that “a certain number of owners outside of China is also facing a sudden shutdown”. The replacement program was intended to solve one problem, but seem to have created another.

“There really is no plan for solving the problem, – said the publication of the salon employee Apple, who wished to remain anonymous. – In most stores is just not enough employees, and buyers requesting a meeting with experts, which have to take on several clients. We change batteries in non-stop mode”.

Of course, it all depends on the region in which is located the Apple store and day of the week. However, replacing the batteries is turned into a problem for many customers of the company, which has always been proud of the level of service.

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