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The profit of Samsung in the first quarter increased by 12% due to demand for the Galaxy S7

Samsung has published a report for the last quarter. Despite the fact that the South Korean manufacturer increased its sales, the company’s revenue amounted to only 24% of Apple’s revenue in the first quarter of 2016.

Samsung quarterly revenue rose 5.7% to 49.8 trillion. out. Operating profit for the first quarter amounted to 6.7 trillion. won ($5.84 billion). Net profit for the period amounted to of 5.26 trillion. won ($4.6 billion). Smartphones brought the company significant dividends. Year-on-year quarterly revenues from sales of smartphones increased by 42% to 3.9 trillion. out. In Seoul, expect that the demand for model vehicles of the latest generation will continue in the second quarter and, last but not least, due to the release of budget models of the series Galaxy A and J.

Projected shipments of handsets (smart phones) in the second quarter will be lower than in the first quarter, when Samsung was able to sell 92 million units. The average price of devices while a few will grow. As predicted by analysts, flagship model Galaxy S7 with flat and curved screens over the year achieved sales in the amount of 52 million pieces. Is the number of smartphones Apple sold in one quarter of 2016.

The semiconductor division of Samsung showed a decrease in operating income by 6% to 2.6 trillion. out. The decrease was due to falling prices for computer memory, the demand for which decreases as the collapse of the market for personal computers.

The display business, the company went into minus. A year ago, the division showed revenue in the amount of 520 billion won, while the quarter brought losses in the amount of 270 billion won. This year, the company pins its hopes with the demand for OLED panels. According to rumors, Samsung will be the exclusive supplier of OLED screens for Apple, if the iPhone maker really plans to convert the smartphones to a new type of displays.

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