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The problem with the sudden shutdowns were bigger iPhone: Apple to recall iPhone 6

The problem with the sudden shutdowns of the iPhone 6s was larger than previously stated in Apple. It is reported by the Japanese edition Macotakara. According to him, in the near future the Corporation will extend the program to replace batteries on the iPhone 6.

In November last year, Apple launched a trade-in program battery for iPhone 6s released in between September to October 2015. Later, Apple said, what is this problem. In particular, the smartphone release of 2015, contain a component of the battery, which was exposed to air longer than it should be, causing the power supply goes down faster.

If the information is confirmed, Apple will officially confirm the existence of the defect and other iPhone models. To solve the problem, expected the company to launch a programme of exchange batteries for the iPhone 6.

Previously a journalist with Fortune Jeff Roberts expressed the view that “users of the most annoying that all this time Apple refuses to clarify the situation”. Although the company has launched a replacement program for certain models of the iPhone 6s, “she pretends to other models is all right”.

Roberts said that his iPhone 6 has the ability to spontaneously shut down at high charge level. In his edition at least five employees see the same problem from their “sixes”

In the comments, Apple has limited formal response:

“We work hard to provide consumers with the best products, experience and technical support. We believe that this explains the fact that our products are the highest in user satisfaction among all manufacturers in China and around the world.”

In stress Apple iPhone with this defect a bit and this issue does not pose a threat to security.

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