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The price of iPhone 7 Plus to Russia for the first time fell below the psychological mark

Apple products are becoming more accessible in our country: first, the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, then, then “smart” watch Apple Watch, and now the turn has come to the iPhone 7 Plus. Sales of 5.5-inch flagship smartphone started in Russia in September. Four months later, the price of iPhone 7 Plus in Russia fell below the psychological mark.

Now Russian customers can buy the iPhone 7 Plus for a very reasonable price. When the gadget went on sale at a price of 67 990 rubles, end of January, the price tag fell below 50 000. Now different sellers camera you can buy for 49 000, which is below the important psychological mark. With the start of sales plus “seven” in the Russian retail fell by 28%.

Price iPhone 7 Plus in our country has decreased rather quickly. Although most retailers still hold a price of around 55 thousand – 60 thousand rubles for the version with 32 GB of memory, in mid-December, the unit could be bought for 15% less the original price.

A number of shops from among the most affordable state certified PCT/EEC on the iPhone — the retailers say smartphones official. However, it is recommended to check a certificate before purchasing in order not to lose Apple’s warranty.

The Apple smartphone release of 2015, the iPhone 6s also originally cost in Russia 56 990 rubles for the basic modification. During the year the price of the device decreased by 36%.

Note that in the middle of the month Apple reduced the cost of the equipment in Russia on the background of strengthening of the ruble. Prices for iPhones and iPads dropped by 5-10% depending on models. Now the iPhone 7 can be purchased for 52 990 rubles. (instead of 56 990 rubles), and the new official price iPhone 7 Plus is 62 990 rubles.

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