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The power saving mode, iOS 9 can greatly extend the battery life of the iPhone

In iOS 9, Apple has added a power saving mode Low Power Mode. Formally, the technology is able to add 3 hours to the standard time using the iPhone. According to the journalist Matt Birchler, who conducted the practical tests, the function can significantly extend the battery life of the iPhone.

“There’s a big difference between the days when I used iPhone in a power saving mode. Even the best days in normal mode do not go to any comparison with those days when I used Low Power Mode. On average, my iPhone was out of juice 38.7% slower” – describes the experience Birchler.

“After work I use the device mainly work with applications for productivity. But during working hours, when the screen most of the time is off, the power saving mode can extend the working time by 44%. It’s true: Low Power Mode may increase the autonomy of your iPhone up to half”, he added.

Technology energy savings in the iOS 9 is called “power saving Mode”. In the beta versions it was called “low power Mode”. The switch function placed in a special section of the Battery. Here, Apple has transferred the usage statistics of the mobile device indicating usage time since last charge, and toggle “Battery percentage”.

Move the switch to “power saving Mode” in the “On” position allows the OS more economical to use the resources of the gadget. Reduced processor frequency and network activity; check mail, background software updating, motion effects and animated Wallpaper off. In contrast to Android devices the saving mode turns iPhone into ‘brick’; it can be used almost as before.

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Indication enabled “power saving Mode” in iOS 9 is the battery icon in the upper right corner – it is painted in yellow color.

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