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The power saving mode in iOS 9 reduces productivity on iPhone 40%

The new software platform iOS 9, Apple has included a power saving function. The technology is able to add three hours to standard time using the iPhone. The platform itself provides increased battery life of smartphones for one hour.

Apple made no secret that the reduction of power consumption during low power is due to the limitation of hardware resources of mobile devices. According to the benchmark Geekbench 3 performance penalty is quite significant. In normal operation, the iPhone 6 Plus shows the performance level 1606 points in single-core mode and 2891 score when using all cores. When you activate the low power Mode performance flagship drops to 1019 and 1751 points, respectively.

A similar drop in performance by about 40% and demonstrates iPhone 5s: with 1386/2511 to 816/1405 in a power saving mode.

Move the switch to “low power Mode” to “On.” OS allows more economical use of resources iPhone. Reduced device performance and network activity; checking email, background refresh program, motion effects and animated Wallpaper off. The screen when idle is translated into its off position for a few seconds.

A new power saving mode for the first time will appear in iOS 9. The switch function was placed in a special section of the Battery. Same here, Apple has transferred the usage statistics of a mobile device showing the usage time since last charge, and toggle “Battery percentage”. Upon reaching 80% charge “low power Mode” is automatically turned off.

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