The popularity of outdated Windows 7 & nbsp is revealed

Declared obsolete Windows 7 remained the second most popular operating system for computers. This was reported by TechSpot, citing disclosed research data from NetMarketShare.
Released in 2009, the OS took second place in the ranking of desktop operating systems, receiving a share of 24.28 percent. The most popular system was called the current Windows 10, installed, according to analysts, on 57.83 percent of computers worldwide. Windows 8.1 and macOS X 10.14 are in the third and fourth positions – Microsoft and Apple products accounted for 3.04 and 2.46 percent, respectively.

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According to experts, exactly 12 months on Windows 7 accounted for a share of 35 percent of the market. At the same time, since January 2020, when the end of OS support was announced, the number of users has not changed significantly.
Analysts explained the popularity of the product as a habit of users and frequent problematic updates of Windows 10. Moreover, in some regions, regulators do not recommend using Windows 7. Thus, the National Cybersecurity Center of Great Britain (NCSC) advised British citizens to abandon the OS due to the lack of regular security updates.
On January 14, 2020, Microsoft officially recognized Windows 7 as obsolete. The company explained that the OS will cease to receive regular system updates, as well as corporation engineers stop providing technical support. Windows 7 was released in July 2009.

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