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The Pope at the meeting with Tim cook has called the Internet “God’s gift”

The Internet and social networks, if they are used wisely, is a gift of God. This opinion was expressed by Pope Francis at a closed meeting with the head of Apple Tim cook at the Vatican.

The details of the conversation are not specified, however according to the results of the meeting, Pontific said that the Internet, social networks and text messages — “gift of God, if they are used wisely”. According to the head of the Roman Catholic Church, these technological advances can contribute to the well-being of society, and can divide individuals or groups. He noted that new technologies carry with them great responsibility.

“Not technology to determine the sincerity of communication, and the human heart and our ability to use them wisely,” said the Pope.

In 2014, Francis urged the youth spending less time on the Internet. In addition, he urged the younger generation spending less time “in the screens of smartphones” and to pay more attention to the surrounding world. Now he spoke much more lenient to him.

During his trip to Italy Apple CEO Tim cook also met with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. At the meeting was the discussion of the investment Apple in Naples, where the company opens the European centre for the development of applications for iOS. It will be located in a partner institution and will provide support for teachers, and provide special curriculum to prepare thousands of future developers to participate in the growing community of Apple developers.

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