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The police asked them not to ask Siri about September 11

Unexpected challenges faced by the police of Canada “at fault” voice assistant Siri. When you try local users to ask questions about the terrorist attack of September 11, voice assistant Apple’s calling the police.

Law enforcement agencies of the canadian city of Regina has published on the official website a statement which urges owners of Apple not to ask Siri information about September 11, because smartphones are starting to make a call to 911.

The fact is that in English “September 11” is written as “9/11”. When prompted type “Siri, tell me about “9/11”, the voice immediately makes a call to emergency services, what comes as a shock to users who have serious thoughts about total surveillance of the security services.

As stated in the police statement, after the call comes into the 911, many users immediately hang up. According to the instructions, if when you call the emergency number the connection is dropped, then the duty officer is obliged to call back and make sure everything is in order.

How told the police, the last time they had to deal with a huge number of similar calls. As a result, in the past, the work of emergency services canadian Regina became very complicated because of the need to check the calls that turned out to be caused by the feature of voice assistant Siri.

The police hope that this petition will change the situation and they do not have to deal with “sverdiolas” Siri.

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