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“The phrase of the day: an easy way to learn English

Application for learning foreign languages is no surprise. But what if we will be able to tell you about a new product with which to study English is really interesting? No cramming of grammar, words, and other outdated nonsense.

With the application “phrase of the day” everything is very simple. Every day you get a new phrase, an example of its use and translation. The phrase is accompanied by voice acting, so that an error in pronunciation and intonation you will not tolerate. Related to the phrase a picture will enhance the effect of memorizing.

An important caveat – the phrase selected from the living, contemporary English, and funny usage examples will not get bored. One phrase a day is 365 phrases expressions a year. And this is a real advanced level!

In the app for convenience, you may search for phrases and calendar. Phrase can be added to favorites for quick access and share with your friends. It’s pretty simple, but it works.

I advise you to start learning a language with a “Phrase of the day today, cramming “London is the capital of Great Britain” is no longer relevant.

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