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The photographer has compared the quality of the 4K-shooting iPhone 6s and mirrorless camera Sony A7R-II [video]

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus received an updated iSight camera that allows you to take 12 megapixel photos and record video in 4K resolution. In Apple claim that the camera flagship innovations creates clear and detailed photos, and shoots videos with a resolution nearly four times more than 1080p HD video. The authors of the project Fstoppers decided to compare the capabilities of the 4K-shooting iPhone 6s and mirrorless cameras, Sony A7R-II in the early summer.

In the new Sony camera is mounted full frame image sensor type CMOS back-illuminated (BSI CMOS) resolution 42.4 megapixels. It is equipped with image stabilizer, the principle of which is based on the shift sensor. The manufacturer evaluates the effectiveness of the stabilizer 4.5 f-stops. The auto focus system includes built-in image sensor elements for phase focusing. For camera shutter claimed 500 000.

Also, as iPhone 6s camera Sony A7R-II allows you to shoot 4K video with frequency 30 K/S. the First, tellingly, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, can shoot videos of any length, while the South Korean devices have a limitation of 5 minutes.

Of course, the miracle did not happen and the iPhone 6s’s been hard to battle with top-end mirrorless camera. If under normal viewing the quality difference is not so noticeable, then increasing 4K video iPhone 6s noise and pixelation more visible than the Sony A7R-II. The authors note that the majority of users does not own 4K monitors or TVs, because most will be watching these videos in 1080p resolution.

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To compare the quality of the 4K-shooting iPhone 6s and Sony A7R-II is on the video below:

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