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The photographer did a professional photo shoot of the model on the iPhone 7 Plus [video]

Dual 12-megapixel camera with optical zoom is one of the strong points of the iPhone 7 Plus. Photographer Nick Pecori sure to create images of a professional level camera enough Apple’s new smartphone and mobile version of Adobe Lightroom.

Camera iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus takes in the color space DCI-P3, and superior in other respects compared to previous models. The resolution was not increased, however, a new matrix from Sony provides up to 60% faster autofocus and consumes 30% less energy. A new design optics with six lenses and an aperture of f/1,8 (in contrast to f/2.2 in the iPhone 6s), as well as for 50% brighter True Tone flash with four LEDs.

“For a photo shoot on the iPhone 7 Plus and beta portrait photography joined us model and not Maria. Proven: you do not need a professional camera to get professional results,” said Pecori.

Dual camera iPhone 7 Plus in addition to two-times optical zoom supports a new mode of depth of field for shooting portrait photos, the so called bokeh effect. This effect is used to amplify the focus on the main subject, making it ideal for portraits and close-up shots.

the iPhone 7 Plus: photos (left) and the photo with the bokeh (right)

the iPhone 7 Plus: photo with bokeh effect (left) and post-processing in Lightroom mobile (on the right)

the iPhone 7 Plus: post-processing in Lightroom (left) and final shot (right)

“The first time I tested the new portrait mode iOS 10.1, available exclusively on the iPhone 7 Plus and was just in shock. It allows you to create photos with bokeh effect at the level of SLR cameras, coupled with excellent picture quality,” added the photographer.

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Photography on a smartphone poses for a photographer of a very specific and challenging task. There is a perception that in creating the images of a professional level there is nothing difficult: the models themselves stand in the right posture, the costumes worked the dresser, over the light illuminator, and the photographer in this case is likened to a certain app to a smartphone and just presses and presses the shutter button. In the video we can see that this is not so. If you are on a budget, you will have to meet certain conditions and use some software tricks.

Note that the iOS update 10.1 is currently in the testing phase. iPhone 7 Plus will be able to create “bokeh” after the release of the final version

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