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The photo was lit processor A11, which will be equipped with iPhone 8

From China continue to be leaks and rumors regarding the release of the iPhone 8. This time the photo “lit up” CPU A11, which, according to rumors, will be equipped with the new Apple smartphone.

The blurred image of the microchip with the designation “A11” and the Apple logo is difficult to call the present. However, if the photo is genuine, it may mean that processors are delivered to the factories, which assemble the new iPhone and ready to install. It is expected that the new processors will come with all three versions of the iPhone, which will be presented in September.

Last year it became known that exclusive order for next-generation processors from Apple company TSMC. New microchips, according to the TSMC manufactured with the use of advanced today 10Nm process technology. In addition, TSMC used a special Assembly technology allowing you to create more powerful processors that will consume less energy.

In this case, A11 processors will be more powerful than the a10 that comes with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and, at the same time will optimize the battery life.

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