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The photo was lit 7 iPhone touch Home button

It is known that Apple decided to change the established in recent years, the tradition to alternate the release of a substantially updated numbered iPhone models and slightly improved “S”version. In September the debut of the iPhone 7, and in 2017, if you believe the media, the market will not iPhone 7s, iPhone 8 with global changes of form factor, and various innovations including OLED-display and wireless charging. This scenario, however, does not mean that the iPhone 7 will get a number of unique innovations.

Today the Network leaked photos of the iPhone 7, which has no physical Home button. The source that published the claims that this upgrade is associated with the desire of Apple to make the smartphone more ergonomic. On the iPhone uses a proprietary key to return to desktop button on and off device, the two volume switch, and a lever to turn the phone to silent mode. The iPhone 7 is, apparently, a mechanical button “Home” will replace the touch counterpart. This is due to the fact that Apple wants to get back to a more convenient form factor that allows you to work with your smartphone with one hand.

Home key will work on the basis of Force Touch technology, which is implemented in last generation MacBook and MacBook Pro. In the Apple particularly proud of the fact that the trackpad design ensures a uniform feeling of a click at any point due to the sensors determining the effect of depression. In a similar way will work touch button iPhone 7.

It is also expected that iPhone 7, getting rid of the 3.5 mm audio Jack for headphones, can boast a waterproof enclosure. Excluding the additional connector, the engineers will save yourself from unnecessary problems related to damage of the device in contact with the liquid. Apple has already taken the first steps to protect the iPhone from moisture. Experiments have shown that a random hit on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in water does not lead to their failure.

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According to the latest information, Apple will add a line of the iPhone 7 model in the new colors Deep Blue. The device will replace the current modifications in the color Space Gray.

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