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The “phone without buttons is a failure!”: what the critics said about the first iPhone nine years ago

9 years ago started the history of the most successful in the world of the product. In 2007 Apple introduced a phone that completely changed the world. The iPhone has revolutionised the mobile market, but also affected the process of globalization. However, after the announcement the novelty provoked a storm of criticism from experts and users on the Network.

Users were outraged by the lack of a stylus and touch sensitive display in the entire front panel of the device. “The buttons on the touchscreen? You what? This will never work,” wrote readers. “I would prefer to type a message with the finger on the keyboard than some strange tap on a shitty screen,” agreed another. Many were unhappy with the huge display, low battery life iPhone.

Now, nine years later, it is difficult to imagine what it’s like for the first time to see the new smartphone from Apple. Edition Rb drew attention to a post on Engadget 2007, which discussed the announcement of the first iPhone.

Then here’s how users reacted online to a new Apple device:

  • “It seems that none of you guys don’t understand how this is a bad idea to do on the phone touch screen. I foresee a lot of obvious and big problems. Thanks, but I’ll stay on your Samsung A707… I’m very disappointed.”

  • “The touch screen? TERRIBLE idea. This thing is never going to work.”

  • “Well, then, as they say, it is necessary either to take the train, or wait until he’ll run you over”.

  • “Oh, no, the Apple! It’s all over!”

  • “Steve… where’s my radio?”

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  • “GOD, Newton degenerated!”

  • “No QWERTY keyboard? ojhsdodsagfadhjldgs!!”

  • “Looks like a hideous miscarriage, iPod, mobile phone and PDA. Somehow I doubt that this thing will long remain so brilliant.”

  • “The battery works for 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING OR JOKING? IT’S A PHONE, NOT A LAPTOP.”

  • “DAMN! If you think that this thing is big, look at the picture where Steve keeps it closer to the camera. It is the size of Motorola Razr! Wi-Fi! All ADIEU, other phone manufacturers”.

  • “I’m not impressed with this iPhone. I use a PDA and Windows Mobile, and this thing has no advantages over my phone… No thanks, Apple. Please make a real PDA”.

  • “It looks beautiful. but I don’t think this thing will become the next iPod for the industry of phones From Apple took so long to make this ONE phone, while Samsung and Motorola release new phones every few months, lol, and always something to improve and do something innovative. Sorry, but if I want to send a message, it might as well be typing on a keyboard than to point a finger at the screen”

  • “All these comments remind me of the talk about the fact that the original iPod will fail”.

  • “All Blackberry is dead. The same applies to other stupid phones with stupid design and a plastic PDA. Thank God. Rest in peace, Blackberry, Palm and Treo”

  • “Goodbye, Zune”.

  • As we know, the iPhone was the reason that such famous brands as Nokia, Motorola went into the shadows, and once successful BlackBerry quickly lost its former position. To date, Apple has released fifteen versions of the smartphone: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus each of which were more successful than any other mobile device on the market.

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