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The Pentagon fears that Russia will shut off the U.S. from the Internet with subs

The Pentagon expressed fears that Russia may damage key undersea fibre optic communication cables, providing US the Internet and telephone. The concern of the military Department was caused by the presence of Russian ships and submarines in the waters, where the bottom of the ocean lie these cables.

The Pentagon suggested that in the event of increased tension or conflict between countries, the cables will be damaged Russia, and communications, depend on the government, economy and citizens of Western countries will be cut, reports TASS. Assess this kind of threat is classified, and how the U.S. government monitored the activities of Russian vessels in the regions with underwater communications. It is also unknown how fast the connection will be restored in case of damage.

“The final Russian attack on the United States may include the rupture of fiber optic cables in some of the most remote places, to stop communications from which Western governments, economies and citizens have become dependent,” — said in the New York Times article.

The publication presents the work of the 2012 expert Michael Secrist, who noted that submarine cables regularly break due to exposure to forces of nature or when they cling to the anchor, but it is usually not more than a few miles from the shore and a crash fix in a few days. Now the military is afraid of the cliffs at a considerable depth and in hard to reach places that are difficult to find, and fix.

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on reports of Russian submarines that allegedly have the purpose to disable the Western countries from the Internet in the event of a conflict.

“The best answer to the question: “What are you most worried about at this time of the year” presented in the New York Times article,” wrote Zakharova in Facebook. “In short, the fall,” she concluded.

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