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The Pebble started to experience financial problems after the release of the Apple Watch

Since the first appearance of the smart watch, the Pebble on Kickstarter they became a good example of a successful project financing. Unlike many other products that never made it to consumers or arrived late, the developers of Pebble Technology has managed to make everything as needed. At the end of last year announced the volume shipments in million hours, and the financial objective of the new Pebble Time was carried out for 17 minutes.

The company’s future in light of this may seem serene, but there is information about not so good things. Close to the company sources say taken to sustain the growth of the loan of $ 5 million. In the company concerned that will compete with Apple Watch, which one day has sold one million units.

Problems Pebble connected with the rapid expansion attempts. Watch the company you sell for $99, while competitors offer products at prices above $300. Supply Pebble third generation should begin this summer, the emphasis made them again on battery life, not performance.

As reported in Pebble, in early may, began mass production of the Pebble Time. And many users of those who managed to invest in production, will be able to get their “smart” watch in the second half of the month. The model turned out pretty modernized: color screen, postroynevshaya waist casing, a microphone, and entirely different operating system, created by former developers of Palm webOS. Perhaps the release of the model will help the company with greater confidence in their future.

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