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“The PC is being reinvented and it will make Apple”

Well-known American journalist Walt Mossberg did a column for The Verge, in which he shared his thoughts about the future of personal computers. Mossberg believes that manufacturers should rethink the tablet computer and make it worthwhile in the first place Apple.


From 1990 to 2007, each had a desktop computer that looked like a big noisy box under the Desk, mouse, keyboard and Windows as operating system (Mac OS could be found in rare cases). But over the last 10 years the situation has changed. To make many tasks easier for multi-device keyboard and mouse are no longer needed. At the same time the situation has changed and operating systems — many now prefer to use smartphones and tablets on Android or iOS, not Windows or macOS. Smartphones and tablets become the new PC.

Even older people abandon the personal computers in favor of mobile devices. Of course, a radical change of concepts does not happen in one moment. However, now the tablet is on par with performance with laptops, although they have decreased in recent years.

There are a number of factors that also affect the change. Many people choose computers because usual habits or more settings, than the same iPad. People who use tablets to complete work tasks, recognize that their keyboard is inferior to a traditional laptop keyboards. However, a massive shift to tablets is real.

The revival tablet

Prerequisites to the revival of the tablets is. Some laptops already moving to ARM processors that are now used in Android and iOS. Example – last Chromebook Plus. Microsoft also announced that owners of laptops based on ARM processors will be able to run classic Windows applications.

I am sure that Apple will put the MacBook on its own ARM processors. This will improve the power consumption of current chips from Intel. Although official confirmation of this yet.

Samsung already introduced the Galaxy Tab S3 which is a clone of the iPad Pro. The model is aimed at performance and efficiency with a stylus and a detachable keyboard.


At this stage the process of transition delay limit for work on large displays. However, the idea of content migration mobile operating systems on laptops looks very promising. And Apple will have to release its own ARM-the laptop is that the industry has moved from a dead point.

Google and Samsung sought to promote Plus Chromebook that runs on a cloud-based Chrome OS. Recently, notebooks running Chrome OS run Android software. But yet, they are not designed to run on the large display. It takes time to optimize applications.

Microsoft has already gone the way of multi-touch that works perfectly both on desktop and on tablet. But the company does not have a proper smartphone that they could use. Microsoft in General does not have the critical mass of users to promote their products, laptops company on ARM processors remain unpopular. Manufacturers make a choice in favor of laptops based on the classic version of Windows.

Apple can save the iPad

Available Apple more than 1.3 million of tailored applications and can be easily run on a MacBook with iOS. It is not only the advantage but also the reason why people would buy this device instead of a traditional laptop.

Without a doubt the most promising variant of the laptop with the mobile OS is the MacBook running iOS. I don’t mean the traditional Mac with support for iOS apps and I’m not talking about the MacBook, which works on iOS. Apple should release a laptop that could work with apps optimized for the iPad. This dramatically would speed up the displacement of traditional PCs. In addition, the new device would be refreshed to the iPad, albeit in a new form factor.

Apple may release a hybrid device. And then lost the need for the trackpad. Whether this device is a new generation Mac or iPad? Apple told me that it was not going to abandon the current model range and refuse to give any comments about future devices.

The results

The concept of personal computer is already undergoing major changes. Appear laptops with a new type of interface, operating system get functions close to iOS and Android. However, until now, there was no device that would be buried in a desktop computer. I am sure that to change the situation can only Apple.

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