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The owners of the blown-up Galaxy Note 7, which Samsung called scams, sued the company in court

When the number of ignitions of the smartphone, forcing Samsung to cease production of a series of flagship Galaxy Note 7 has exceeded a certain threshold, the company has officially confirmed the existence of the problem. Samsung representatives tried to contact the victims in order to clarify all the details.

As a result, some owners of Galaxy Note 7 was accused of fraud. But five people decided to defend themselves in court, filing lawsuits against the South Korean manufacturer. They argue that the support center accused them of lying when they asked for help in connection with the fires Galaxy Note 7. Users suspected in the desire to receive compensation based on false statements.

Samsung will have five trials, because the lawsuits were filed separately. The first will begin in the first half of the year. Lawyers for the plaintiffs believe that the situation is favorable for them, as the manufacturer has officially acknowledged that the problem was the batteries.

After the incident with the Galaxy Note7 the South Korean authorities announced that they are going to tighten safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and will conduct regular inspections in order to avoid explosions. Manufacturers of batteries will start to be more regular monitoring and inspections, said the Ministry of Commerce, industry and energy of the country. In addition to this, devices that use lithium-ion batteries, will also be subject to regular tests of security.

In October last year, Samsung abandoned the production of Galaxy Note 7, once due to faulty batteries, some smartphones began to explode. This led to a loss of approximately $5.4 billion of operating income for the first three quarters.

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Samsung and independent researchers in January said that the explosion brought batteries from two different suppliers, Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology. In a separate test conducted by the state testing laboratory in South Korea, it became clear that the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 has led the combination of the disadvantages of the production and design of the batteries.

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