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The owners of the 12-inch MacBook massively complain about sticky keys on the keyboard

MacBook owners complain of problems with the keyboard of portable computers. Judging by the messages in the network, keys to 12-inch laptops tend to get stuck, which causes difficulties in the work with the device. Discussion of the issue dedicated thread in the technical support forum of the company.

The first complaint on the keyboard 12-inch MacBook dates from September 2015. Up to this point the discussion on the website has 5 pages of comments.

“The’ i ‘ key on the keyboard of my 12 inch MacBook gets stuck. She no longer has that click or tactile response as the other keys.

I have the same problem – the laptop is 3 months, stuck key Return.

I have the same thing – stuck left Shift and spacebar”.

In some cases, the cause was dirt and dust accumulated under the keys with super speed. Some users have successfully solved the problem by blowing the keyboard using a can of compressed air.

Other MacBook owners had to return the device under warranty. The problem can be repeated with the new laptops.

“The second time repairing a laptop due to the fact that I’m stuck with the Delete key at one corner.

I have a third 12-inch MacBook. The previous two were replaced due to sticky keys one side can get stuck and the button ceases to be pressed. First was the Delete. The next laptop is the right Shift. The third copy before you pick up the laptop, I carefully checked each key, so they all worked. There may be problems with one of the corners or edges. Now, three days later discovered a problem with left Shift, and today stuck right arrow in the lower left.

Stuck key Return after two weeks of working with the MacBook. I returned the laptop. They sent it to Apple for repair and there replaced the keyboard entirely. I also had a problem with Wi-Fi, so under the replacement went and the motherboard. Took the laptop last Friday. Sunday started sticky Tab”.

Technical support specialists in the Apple stores is not recommended to attempt to fix the defect with a needle.

“First stuck the right key and Return. Took the laptop to the Apple store where the experts decided to blow out the keyboard. I was told that the key is right under the battery, so they did not use objects that could damage the battery”.

Apple has not commented on the complaints about the MacBook keyboard. The company has released a 12-inch model in 2015, and updated the “stuffing” in 2016. In devices using a keyboard with the butterfly mechanism of the first generation. It is a one-piece element made of a more rigid material, with a larger area of support. Due to this, according to Apple, the keys become more sustainable, more precisely respond to clicks, and thus occupy less space in height.

MacBook Pro release 2016, the company began to use improved “butterfly” of the second generation.

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