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The owners of iPhone in Russia was faced with a new type of fraud

In Runet has become popular new form of fraud aimed at gullible users of the iPhone and iPad. The attackers allegedly have lost your gadget, ask the owner to log in with their iCloud account to “urgently needs to throw the contacts”, and then block the device owner.

Method of deception is surprisingly simple. Scammers are posing themselves in a quandary of people sending messages asking for help for a fee (usually the conversation is about 500-1000 rubles).

Responded to a request by an enterprising Internet-the scammers tell the story about the stolen iPhone and told us that urgently need access to iCloud, offer the potential victim to log in to the account from your device.

The scammer provides the settings of your Apple ID and as long as the victim is looking for the contact or track information allegedly stolen device, change the password, thus gaining control of an iPhone or iPad user. Further, the criminal locks the mobile device of a trusting man, and demands a ransom to unlock it.

The way to avoid cheating one: to prevent such situations be wary of requests from strangers.

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