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The owners of iPhone 7 Plus in matte black color with the casing coming off the paint

On the support forum Apple, a growing number of complaints about the paint peeling off from the iPhone 7 in matte black color. According to users, even when using the case on the faces of smartphone flaking paint, exposing the anodized base body.

In the network there are photos of the iPhone 7 on the housing which is clearly visible flaking of the coating. Complaints can be found on the official Internet forum Apple and other sites, such as Reddit. It is believed that this is due to the intensity of smartphone usage.

As noted by 9to5Mac, the defect concerns only models of the iPhone 7 in the new matte black color.

“Bought the iPhone 7 Plus and after 3 weeks started to peel the paint near the grille of the speakers. Contacted Apple tech support and they asked me to send them some pictures of the problematic of the gadget. After 12 days was told that the warranty does not cover this defect, since we are talking about cosmetic damage”.

According to another owner, Apple in response to his complaint, offered to replace the copy in the new one. However, publicly, the manufacturer problem is not recognized.

“The paint started to move away on the grill of the speakers and it was a very unpleasant surprise from Apple. I never dropped and did not throw a smartphone,” says another.

Some users paint fades on the back around the logo and next to the volume buttons.

“I have the same problem with the iPhone 7 Plus in matte black color started to peel the back cover of the smartphone next to the Apple logo. Already in a week. On the second week there were bald spots near the speaker grille and corners volume keys”.

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Recall that in 2012, a similar problem was observed with the iPhone 5. These messages have remained at the level of rumor, if not the statement of the Vice-President of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller. In private correspondence with one user, he said that peel coating on the black versions of the iPhone in use is not factory marriage. According to him, “it’s okay”.

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