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The owners of Google Pixel and Pixel XL complain about the next problem

Users of “standard” Android-smartphone Pixel and Pixel XL complaining about a serious problem in the operation of the devices. Failure can leave both single and multiple microphones. At the moment the discussion actively on the technical support website.

As follows from the description of the problem, the sound transmission can be blocked completely, suddenly appear and again disappear. The manufacturer some time followed the complaint before you respond.

In one of the answers Google employee wrote that the problem is not software and therefore to solve it upgrade is not possible. Apparently, the reason lies in the small crack in the place where are important for all three microphones communication. Depending on the ambient temperature and the housing problem can appear and disappear.

Google offer a Hairdryer, as suggested by one of the owners of Pixel, but warned that this method of “liberation” of the membrane would not work at all. The most correct way is to replace the smartphone’s warranty.

It should be noted that this is not the only complaint of the Google Pixel. Earlier it was reported that after installing the update, the smartphones have become spontaneously off despite sufficient battery level. Amongst the most common complaints of freezing, sound distortion when played at maximum volume and problems while taking the photo.

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