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The owners Apple Watch will be able to communicate using a handshake

If you think that Apple is now occupied only by the iPhone 8, you are mistaken. The company is also developing a method of data exchange between the Apple Watch through a handshake.

New patent with the title “Exchange of information between devices using gestures,” provides an opportunit y to owners of the Apple Watch with a handshake, a gesture of “Gimme five!” or hugs to establish a communication channel to retrieve data. One user is enough to specify on your device the information it wants to send, and the second must give consent to receive data.

As conceived by Apple, the handshake is easy to interpret as a command to the automatic pairing of the two Apple Watch different people to transfer content.

With new technology you can transfer images, contacts, documents, videos or music delivery will be through a cloud service. Apple believes that the new technology is much easier the traditional identification by entering the password.

The function looks very promising, but the timing of its implementation in Apple have not yet spoken.

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