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The owner of the iPad Air in China almost suffered in the explosion of the tablet [photos]

User iPad Air from China has posted the pictures of the exploding tablet. The device allegedly burst into flames in the night, while charging. Apple has refused official comments.

In the Chinese city of Ningbo surnamed Lin complained about the explosion and fire of its iPad Air, according to Cnews. Photos of the victim of the tablet, released in 2015, the user posted on the Internet.

As told by the Chinese, his iPad caught fire in the middle of the night when you were charging it. The gadget exploded, scorching the table, on which lay. IPad parts scattered across the room. “Fortunately, winter night, I dress up tight, so I don’t hurt, and besides me no one in the room, otherwise nobody knows what could happen,” explained Lin.

Lin said that he had sent details of the burnt tablet and pictures with him in the Apple, but no answer was received. Journalists are wondering whether it is worth to wait for a response from the company because of the exploded iPad “is not something that Apple would like to see in the headlines.”

Earlier in mass-media there were several stories about exploding iPhone in China. Although in “random fire” iPad is highly questionable. Discussing photos, users have noted strange dents and holes on the back side of the device housing.

Other users saw in the incident a good reason for trolling producers of smartphones. “In one hand I have a Samsung and the other iPhone. Who would dare to oppose me? It’s cool, I can use them as hand grenades,” joked one commenter.

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