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The original Apple Watch can track the heart rate of the user

19 September, Apple unveiled the 4 watch OS for the Apple Watch. The firmware has received a number of new features, not all of whom work on the first smart-watch company.

WatchOS 4 introduces several features associated with tracking the indicators of the body of the user during exercise. In particular, the counting of heart rate. Unfortunately, this feature is not available to owners of the original Apple Watch.

That new feature did not appear on smartwatches after the upgrade, Apple Watch users began reporting on Twitter. It turned out that the ability to track heart rate only available on Apple Watch, Series 1, Series 2, presented earlier this month Series 3.

The reason for the lack of new features in smartwatches appearing on the market in 2015, is a slower processor and less capacious battery than the later models.

Earlier also it became known that the old models of the Apple Watch will support wireless charging brand Apple AirPower. According to information on the official website of the company, the new charging standard will only be available Apple Watch Series 3.

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