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The opposition presented evidence of disabling SMS-service to their hacking Telegram

Opposition leaders Oleg Kozlovsky and George alburi presented evidence that the hacking of their accounts in Telegram mobile operator MTS has disabled their rooms SMS-service. For this reason, they learned about the attack only as a result of notification from the Telegram.

Kozlowski and Alburi published received from MTS accounts for services provided in April 2016. The time specified on the receipt Kozlowski, confirmed the information, which he reported in the technical support of MTS, speaking about the time of disconnection of services (MTS later accused the employee of technical support in providing incorrect information and formally denied the intentional disabling of the service). SMS service on his number was disconnected at 2:25 and turned on at 4:55 on April 29.

In addition, the site posted a recording of the conversation with the employee of Kozlowski MTS. According to her, these actions produced a “management of technological safety of MTS. Activists also posted some other evidence and recourse to MTS customers urging them to switch to another mobile operator, as well as requirements for MTS to admit his involvement in the events.

Earlier the Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov said that the Russian special services, probably, put pressure on mobile operators to intercept SMS authentication. The situation when a message with a code to access the Telegram was intercepted due to internal corruption in the cellular communications provider, Durov called unlikely because of the opposition of the defendants in the hacking. To ensure reliable protection of the Creator of the Telegram advised to enable two-factor authentication.

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In the night of Friday last week, Russian opposition broke into the accounts in the Telegram and turn off the reception of short messages. As claimed by Kozlowski, SMS service was disabled in 2:25 GMT the night of April 29 and included in the 4:55 GMT. Thus in three hours of the night, the attackers, according to him, included in the account of the activist in the Telegram, entering a secret code that is delivered by SMS.

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