The OnePlus 8 Pro photochromic camera will be turned off due to X-ray photos. It turned out to be a bug, not a feature

The OnePlus 8 Pro photochromic camera will be turned off due to X-ray photos. It turned out to be a bug, not a feature

BBK Electronics employees working on OnePlus smartphones have finally ceased to be silent about the strange features of their 8 Pro photochromic camera. Let me remind you that she is able to see through some types of plastic and even clothes:


OnePlus 8 Pro camera can see through plastic, glass and even clothes

Kostya Baranov

May 14, 2020

The camera will be disabled in the next HydrogenOS update. Most likely, this will affect the global version of this firmware called OxygenOS. The company has published a statement on the social network Weibo.

It is assumed that the camera will be turned on again when the jamb is fixed, because of which the company may have problems with user privacy. Only it’s not very clear how this will be fixed. And here the problem is in the technology itself.

How did objects become transparent?

The fact is that all the objects that became transparent in the pictures, in fact, were transparent. Yes, Apple TV +, joysticks from VR headsets and other objects.

But our eyes do not see this transparency – we have a natural infrared filter. He does not let light through in this spectrum, which is why such remotes, consoles, headsets and some clothes seem opaque to us. And due to the fact that the eyes do not see in the infrared spectrum, over the past decades it has become the standard for remote controls.

Working Oculus Quest controllers via # OnePlus8Pro ‘Color Filter’ camera 😯

– Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) May 15, 2020

Well, or now you can see how Face ID works:

Face ID Unlock & Memoji via # OnePlus8Pro ‘Color Filter’ camera

– Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) May 13, 2020

There is an IR filter on the other modules of the OnePlus 8 Pro cameras. But on a specific dedicated module for photochromic images it is not.

So it’s not very clear what the OnePlus will fix? Install a soft IR filter? Is this even possible?

Therefore, I see only one way out: the camera will be turned off and will remain what it was before – a stupid low-quality module with a resolution of 5 MP. The only difference is that the user will not see either low quality or low resolution images.

The photochromic camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro is highly controversial. In terms of utility, it is approximately equal to 2MP macro plug-in on budget devices – the quality is low, there is no autofocus, there are few application scenarios.

Yes, it shines through Apple TV, but the utility of this feature is approximately zero.

– kzkv @ home (@jc_ru) May 15, 2020

Another question is that this module was presented at the presentation as a killer feature. And, apparently, you have to forget about her.

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