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The NYPD asks for access to encryption codes iPhone for investigation of crimes

Encryption system iPhone and iPad is so reliable that the police have no ability to access the smartphones of suspects. In fact, even Apple with the release of iOS 8 cannot circumvent software protection and extract data from locked devices. Even if it is necessary for the investigation of crimes. This can cause dissatisfaction among law enforcement officers who call on the authorities to oblige the manufacturers of mobile devices to give them access to their devices.

The NYPD said that the treatment of the users ‘ personal data is necessary in the course of an investigation, stressing that the end-to-end encryption on the iPhone making it impossible to intercept communications of suspected drug trafficking, murder and other serious crimes. According to the district attorney of Kurisu Vance, the police is now 74 iPhone with iOS 8, which was blocked and allowed to complete the investigation of crimes.

Representative Themis gave an example: in the past, the incidents of assault on people with shooting could be disclosed due to the videos that were made by the victims to their mobile phones. In one such case, the owner of the iPhone was lost, but the criminal managed to calculate and withhold. The incident occurred a few years ago when the smartphone was installed iOS 6.

“If the device worked on iOS 8, the password to access the phone to bury along with the owner of the smartphone,” said Vance.

This statement was made several days after the speech of the head of the FBI James Komi to the U.S. Congress. The latter requested the state to provide security services access to the encryption system used by the Corporation. “Our job is to look in the haystack the size of this country (USA) needles, which often are not visible to us in force end-to-end encryption,” he said.

The FBI and the Department of justice has repeatedly stated that the encryption technology used in smartphones, prevent the interception of suspects, in particular, supporters of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG) and pedophiles, storing electronic images of a pornographic nature.

Representatives of the information technology sector, the performance of the Prosecutor and the head of the FBI perceived negatively. In recent months, Silicon valley companies, including Apple and Google, repeatedly in writing addressed to the Obama administration and publicly advocated for strong encryption.

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