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The number of users Telegram messenger reached 100 million people

The monthly audience of messenger Telegram has surpassed 100 million users. This is stated in the official company blog. In this indicator the service has managed to achieve over 2.5 years since inception. Every day start using Telegram 350 000 people, and all instant messenger users sending 15 billion daily messages.


Many people have heard about the Telegram. Its development after the departure from the “Vkontakte” is Pavel Durov, the game he made a stir in governmental offices, when the messenger tried to ban or take control, demanding that Durov access to the correspondence. The reason for this is concern that Telegram could be used by terrorists to coordinate their actions.

“We have created a secure, encrypted data transfer Protocol that allows you to send messages even with the poor performance of mobile networks – said Durov. – We run servers all over the world to make Telegram the most reliable means of communication. Our secret chats with the possibility of self-destruction messages were a hit, especially after the revelations of Edward Snowden”.

According to Durov, Telegram audience growth is a 100% organic, as the company has not spent a penny on advertising and attracting users. Telegram no marketing budget, he says. And the secret of the success of the service that people recommend it to each other. Now people use Telegram in 200 countries.

Telegram from may, attracted 38 million new users, i.e., since his audience has grown by 60%. The main competitor Telegram messenger WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) recently reached 1 billion users a month.

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The next step Telegram will become the channels for media and bloggers, says Durov. Now some channels in the Telegram, through which the media broadcast their news, gather an audience of up to 1 million people. Durov recalled that earlier the channel started in the Telegram the Pope. All channels in the Telegram collected daily 400 million views.

Pavel Durov Telegram was founded in 2013, previously he founded Russia’s largest social network “In contact”. Durov left Vkontakte in the spring of 2014 due to a conflict with shareholders. One of the subjects of the conflict was the development of Telegram messenger is the then shareholder of “Vkontakte” Fund UCP accused the founder of the social network that it is developing its own project, while remaining a leader “In contact”. Even exchanged lawsuits, but eventually entered into a settlement agreement.

Work Telegram in Russia became the subject of discussion by various officials. Some even urged to block the messenger in the country, “if it will be used for the furtherance of terrorism”. Such statement was made, in particular, Deputy Chairman of the constitutional Committee of the state Duma Alexander Ageev. He asked the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov to control the work of a Telegram. Then it was that public a Telegram channels used by terrorists. Later the Telegram reported that these channels will be blocked.

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