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The number of users of the first mobile apps Nintendo surpassed $ 100 million in three days after release [video]

Nintendo’s first app for mobile devices Miitomo ranked first by number of downloads in the online store App Store in the “Social networking”. According to the Japanese company, three days after entering the market, the number of users has exceeded 100 million

Messenger Miitomo is currently available only in Japan. The app allows users to automatically generate avatars with changes of facial expressions based on their own photos. The client also prompts users to answer a series of questions like “What did you do last weekend?” or “What kind of clothes do you prefer?”. The reward for answers take virtual coins that can be spent on the purchase of clothing and accessories for your avatar.

Miitomo encourages users to share their Mii-selfies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Line. Social activity is rewarded. In Japan, the popular loyalty program My Nintendo, which will soon appear in Russia. Players perform various tasks (including daily), get coins and buy new downloadable games, like Zelda Picross.

After the release Miitomo Line, the most common in Japan, the messenger dropped to the second position in the top of the App Store. In Line now 170 million active accounts, five years after its release on the market.

“We had a good start, and we have received very positive feedback”, — said the spokesman for Nintendo Yasuhiro Minagawa.

Nintendo plans to make Miitomo available in 15 countries during the month, including the USA, France, Germany. The company confirmed that the app for iOS and Android will be released in our region until the end of March.

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