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“The next six months with the iPhone will be for me the most painful”

Do you remember the moment of transition from tube TVs to flat screen TV? Or, maybe, on LCD monitors? How long people working in IT industry commentator BGR, Zach Epstein drew a parallel between svim impressed by the new Galaxy S8 and the impression from the very first iPhone in 2007, when he put away his Communicator on Symbian.

This week, Samsung officially unveiled the top smartphones of 2017 Galaxy S8 and S8+. The new flagship of the South Korean brand has always been among the best on the market, but this time it’s different. Galaxy S8, according to the Zach special.

After years of stagnation in terms of design Samsung has introduced is really something new. The transition to display “edge to edge” started LG with my G6, at least if we are talking about global brands. However, LG G6 was fashion until then, until the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

“I spent a few hours with the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ before the press conference and his opinion was shared in the preliminary review. I’m not going to repeat everything that I wrote, but I will say that I still are under the impression. In fact, the new flagship of Samsung is impressive with literally everything from features to design,” notes Epstein.

The journalist noted the importance of the design of the smartphones in 2017, as it is the only area in which we can see significant changes.

Every year to replace one of the other flagship comes with improved camera features, screens and other improvements “under the hood”. When was the last time we saw a truly radical change in the smartphone market? This effect is called the modular system Mod Moto, but Moto Z is less than 1%.

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Frameless smartphones make a strong impression. At least as long as the manufacturer will not release a device with a screen “edge to edge”. Galaxy S8 was one of the first. With display, occupying 83% of the front panel, the flagship offers a completely new experience. “There is a feeling that holding the content itself, not the smartphone”, – the journalist writes. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the screen ratio to the front panel is about 66%.

Almost everyone who follows the news knows that Apple is moving in the same direction. At least a lot of leaks suggests that iPhone 8 will receive a record-breaking slim frame, OLED display and will lose the Home keys. The smartphone will become more ergonomic, which is important for any mobile device.

“I like my iPhone 7 Plus, but it’s too big to use with one hand. I’ve always liked huge phones, but now will return to the small display I can not,” writes Zach Epstein.

Second, as mentioned above, edge-to-edge display offers a completely new experience. Many people probably don’t remember what smartphones were before the iPhone, but, in addition, displays were completely different. Touch screens used resistive technology, and between the actual LCD panel and the glass or plastic was the air gap. Then came the iPhone with a capacitive screen. This change was a breakthrough, as it literally brought the user to the content. There was a feeling that you really swipe the content on the screen, and it significantly affected the experience.

“Samsung Galaxy S8 will mark the next big step in this area (actually, the 3D Touch and the Taptic Engine is also important, but that’s a topic for another article). Now for me the problem is how to return to your “old” iPhone 7 Plus. I thought it would be less painful. This, of course, cannot be compared with the return of the phone with resistive screen or a tube TV, but iPhone 7 is no longer felt by the most advanced device.

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Why I will not go to the Galaxy S8? Good question. Flagship Android phones have long attracted their capabilities, but to abandon iOS impossible. Interface, applications, speed and smoothness of operation, update, and ecosystem – on all these parameters, Apple is far ahead, so I’m just not ready to give up the iPhone. But knowing what I have in my office a Galaxy S8, the use of the iPhone 7 next year will be painful. Looking forward to the iPhone 8,” concluded Epstein.

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