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“the next-generation iPhone will start a revolution and forever change the mobile industry”

Apple’s new iPhone will revolutionize the mobile market like the one that digging was done in 2007, releasing the first smartphone. Wrote about this in his blog, journalist and technical expert Robert Scoble, referring to “very reliable sources”.

Earlier we heard from several insiders about the plans of Apple to change form factor of the smartphone. The device will receive a glass housing mounted on metal base. Frameless, will stretch from edge to edge – front camera, Touch ID, dynamics and other sensors will be integrated directly into the screen of the Communicator.

“The next iPhone, as I was told, will be entirely glass (Gorilla Glass sandwich with the other polycarbonate for extra strength in case of a fall), will receive the OLED display of the new generation (this was confirmed by several sources). You can put it in the headset, which has sensors that allow a future iPhone to provide higher frame rates and polygon count than the PC with Nvidia graphics 1080,” writes Scoble.

The journalist claims that the iPhone 2017 uses augmented reality technology using holograms. Sensors in the device will implement a new type of user interface. Over the sensors to novelties working team Primesense.

“The phone will receive the 3D-sensor new generation from the company Primesense bought by Apple. Over it now works in Israel 600 employees. We are talking about the tenth anniversary model of the iPhone. This product will show in a fantastic new headquarters of Apple. This is a very important product that will completely change the mobile industry. You can get rid of the HTC Vive”, – the journalist writes.

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In the beginning of the year, analyst mark Moskowitz has reported a serious change of form factor, OLED display, the refusal of the Home button in the iPhone 8. Later known expert from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo has confirmed that a future anniversary of Apple’s smartphone will get a significant upgrade design — glass finish, replacing aluminum, to which we are accustomed.

According to Robert Scoble, battery and antenna of the new iPhone will be hidden around the edge of the screen. While most of the major chips would be at the bottom of the smartphone.

In his blog Scoble pointed out a lot of details. He believes that Facebook should make a deal with Apple, as the company is preparing to make a huge leap in the field of mixed reality. He compares the new project of “Apple” company with the release of IBM on the PC market.

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