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The new Yorker was the first to catch all the pokemon in Pokemon Go

Sooner or later it had to happen. The first user of the acclaimed game pokemon Pokemon Go catch all the 142 form of virtual monsters. Achievement boasts the new Yorker under the name ftb_hodor.

For two weeks the American caught 4269 individuals passed the grueling 153 km and out of 303 eggs which also hatch pokemon. According to the player, animals Ghost-type he caught only at night. To gather all of the animals had to hatch a few hundred eggs. Users on the Network saw firsthand how the iPhone screen with all the caught pokémon.

The pokédex was 142 lucky animal, however, this is not a complete list of available individuals. There are a total of 151 species. Of the missing nine 3 are exclusive to different regions (for example, Mr. Maim common in Europe), and 6 — a legendary pokemon that are very rare.

Apparently, in the near future the American pokémon master will have to pack your bags to embark on a world journey in pursuit of the other pokemon. Only then will he be able to get the title of world masters.

During the Pokemon Go the collector has reached 31 level. Anyone who wants to catch up with ftb_hodor, will be in difficulty, because most of the work he did before the patch, which complicated the task of gathering the pokemon.

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