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The new version Yandex.Browser for Mac with a new design and protection from Internet fraud

Yandex announced a new version of Yandex.Browser for macOS with improved protection against online fraud and improved design. The program is available for download via the link at the end of the article.

The most notable changes occurred in the interface. The tab bar has become a translucent — it stands out just the spine of the active tab, which is colored in the main color of the website. If desired, the panel can be move down and to the roots of the tabs to set the minimum width when opened so many pages that they do not fit in the screen, scrolling is enabled.

New tabs open on the animated background in the updated browser has a whole collection of Wallpaper with moving clouds, fog and the blades of grass. At the bottom of the new tab the user will see several cards with links to articles or videos that may be of interest. It’s the top issue, for the preparation of which is the responsibility of machine intelligence: it analyzes which themes usually occupy user, and use search technology of Yandex collects appropriate materials from all over the Internet. This tape is called Yandex.Zen — it is already familiar to users of the mobile version of the Browser and launcher Yandex.

The smart search browser, which before was able to answer simple questions like [weather in Samara] or [formula for volume of a sphere], now I learned to show information about famous people and events, and also give definitions of terms which are frequently asked by users.

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In Yandex.The browser has changed not only the design but also the system security. In the Arsenal of technology protekt appeared two new elements.

First, protected mode for online payments. It is automatically enabled on the websites of banks and payment systems: the browser disables all add-ons that can make him vulnerable, and strictly verifies the digital certificate of the page. If he is in doubt, in the address bar you will see a warning icon.

Secondly, the protection of payment card data. If the page uses the insecure HTTP Protocol, or if the protekt suggests that the website can be owned by cyber criminals, the user will see a warning and will be able to stop sending data.

In December 2016 the daily audience of Yandex.Browser amounted to 19 million users, 7 million of them went online via mobile Browser. Weekly share of Browsers in Russia, according to Yandex for December — 20% on PCs and 10% on mobile devices. Thus, it is the second most popular computer browser and nepredstavleniem the most popular mobile browser in Russia.

In the next few weeks the new version Yandex.Your browser will automatically replace the old one. To install the update right now from the developer’s site.

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