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The new version of Viber for iOS with the feature to backup your messages and support watchOS 2.0

Messenger Viber has released an update client for the iOS platform. In the changelog under release 6.1 index of the declared function of data backup, support for GIF images and watch OS 2.0. The update is already available for download on smartphones and tablets running iOS.

With the release of Viber 6.1 Apple Watch users can take advantage of software platform 2.0 watchOS. The messenger began to work faster on the Apple Watch and supports quick responses. Add a flash message in the client settings on the iPhone.

Another innovation concerns the creation of backups. With the release of new version in Settings menu has a new item “Backup”. The app allows you to create archives of messages and easily restore them when changing devices. Viber gives you the option to automatically create backups weekly, or monthly. By default, backup data is disabled.

In addition to patch 6.1 added support for animated GIF images and updated screen tariff plans Viber Out feature allows you to save on long distance and international communication) .

Note that in the sixth Viber version the developers have included end encryption of correspondence. Such an algorithm assumes that the data will be accessible only by the participants of the conversations, and receive data people would not be able even in the company. Protection extends to the personal and group chats, and voice calls and send photo and video.

According to VTSIOM, messenger Viber is one of the most popular means of communication in Russia. According to its own statistics, Viber, service audience in Russia exceeds 60 million users. To date, the messenger ranks second in the country in the number of mobile audience, leaving behind it only a social network “Vkontakte”.

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App Viber applies for most platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Download Viber 6.0 for iPhone and iPad is available for free from the link below.

Download Viber for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch [App Store]

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