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The new TrackR app to locate your lost iPhone or iPad without GPS

Appeared in the App Store app, which will greatly simplify the search for a missing iPhone or iPad. Tool called TrackR tablet absolutely free and requires no subscriptions, and lost devices for the detection of even is not necessarily in range of a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

TrackR tablet works by using a private network “Crowd GPS”. She checks the signal from surrounding users in busy places in the case when there is no Internet connection. Once the device is synchronized with TrackR, the user can see his last location on the map and even play a sound, even if it is in silent mode.

For example, you lost your iPad and you are far from the place where it happened. The Crowd GPS network will update the coordinates of the lost device through exchange of signals between devices that are near the missing device (within a radius of 30 meters). You will receive an automatic notification if someone is near your iPad. The app is also able to notify the user if he runs the risk to forget one of their gadgets.

TrackR tablet can be downloaded in the App Store for free. The application is compatible with all devices running iOS 8 and newer.

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