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The new service allows owners of the Apple Watch change straps

After just a few weeks after the Apple Watch went on sale in the Network appeared the services for the exchange and sale of straps for smart watches. Users are offered a wide range of services ranging from the sale of some disliked bracelet, to replace on the model of other colors.

Owners of smart watches Apple wanting to change the strap to him on the other, can help resource iBandSwap. With it you can find someone to buy your existing accessory for the Apple Watch, and choose a more appropriate one. According to its founder Alistair Barclay, about 550 people have registered on the site and 150 of them have found a more suitable option.

The service is useful for several reasons. So, the Apple Watch Sport model come with straps in two sizes, one of which does not suit you. Therefore, it can be offered to other users, and to choose the most appropriate size. It is also possible that you will want to change the strap to another with a different color or different style. Besides, on the website, you can purchase additional links for block bracelet.

Of course, users iBandSwap there is a certain risk. But, according to the founders of the service, the Apple Watch buyers are in the majority of “decent people, have no purpose to deceive someone”.

iBandSwap is not the only service on the exchange straps for the Apple Watch. Such possibilities for owners of the wearable computer offer Band-Band and StrapSwap.

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