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The new Nokia 3310 will get the same design and a larger color screen

The Network continues to receive information about the revival of the Nokia 3310, which will present next week. According to insiders, the device will boast a classic design, but a larger color display.

Do not think that the new Nokia 3310 will run on Android: the model will remain a “dialer”. Network sources claim that this is a classic phone with minimal by today’s standards and capabilities. “The legend will remain feature-background” — indicates Vtechgraphy.

In terms of design, the new model will not differ much from the original, released in 2000. The most significant change will be the mass and thickness of the device will be lighter and “thinner”.

The second change will be to touch the screen. If the original model it was monochrome with a resolution of 84 x 84 pixel, now it will be more and will be colored, so as to ignore technological advances would be wrong. The display resolution will be not very high, to maintain a high battery life of the device.

In addition, it is known that buyers will offer more body colors. In sale models in different colors including green, red and yellow.

Presentation of the new Nokia 3310 is expected on 26 February at the exhibition MWC 2017. Indicative cost of the phone in Europe is €59.

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