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The new Navigator Sygic specify a route by using augmented reality [video]

Sygic has announced the introduction of new features into a branded app for mobile navigation. Now iPhone and iPad users can use the function real review — GPS navigation with augmented reality technology.

Augmented reality uses in Sygic GPS module and camera phones to implement a hint system when driving on the basis of the AR technology. Because of this don’t have to look at the map on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. For convenience, the preview of the smartphone’s camera displays the virtual path.

Augmented reality is not Real View Navigation (navigation with advanced real-time preview) is available to owners of devices running iOS 8.0 and above. To use it can already 200 million users of Sygic worldwide.

The company stresses that GPS maps are available offline, so drivers and pedestrians can navigate to new places without Internet connection or mobile network. Network services allow you to obtain information about the current traffic and speed camera in real time.

Maps GPS navigation Sygic provide: voice navigation with step by step instructions, information about speed limits and speed cameras, information on points of interest, including the search for the best hotels in Parking lots.

Download Sygic for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch at this link for free. Activation of augmented reality the app costs 699 RUB.

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