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The new messenger will allow you to restore accidentally sent the message and protect correspondence from prying eyes [video]

Almost every user has ever wanted to just delete the sent message. Such an opportunity probably would have helped thousands of people to avoid awkward situations and unpleasant conversations.

To help users decided the creators Privates mobile messenger that allows you to unsend a message, if the source for any reason is not worth it to see him. It should be borne in mind, however, that the message cannot be removed once opened by the recipient.

Privates allows you to exchange not only text messages but also photos and videos. However, he is able to protect correspondence from prying eyes and removing it from the screenshots. When you enable the corresponding setting message will appear on the screen only after the recipient will quickly click several times on the two on-screen buttons.

Another option allows you to show a message only if the recipient will take the smartphone in hand, and will keep it straight. Finally, the last level of protection involves the use of the front camera to confirm the identity of the interlocutor fixing and simultaneous expression of his face upon reading the message.

In Privates you can set to automatically delete unread messages after 3, 12 and even 24 hours after posting. Currently messenger is available only for iOS devices, soon the developers promise to release versions for Android and Windows Phone.

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