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The new MacBook Pro were much better than analysts had forecast

At the end of last year, Apple released a radically updated model MacBook Pro, which received a new design, a more productive “stuffing” and the touchpad is Touch Bar. Intelligence companies IDC and Gartner came to the conclusion that the rate of Apple in the touch panel and the rejection of all connectors in favor of USB-C was correct and cupertinos begin to gain momentum in the PC market, despite an overall reduction in its volume.

IDC analysts point out that in the fourth quarter of 2016, global shipments of PCs fell by 1.5% to 70.2 million units, and for the full year marked a decrease of 5.7% to 260 million, While Apple’s market share in the last quarter of the year rose from 7.4% to 7.5%.

Mac shipments, if you believe IDC, still decreased by 0.9% to 5,263 million, But this decline was much lower than many other players, and Apple have managed to take 4th place in the rating of the largest manufacturers of PCs, ahead of Lenovo and behind Lenovo, HP and Dell.

At the end of the year, Apple is at fifth place with a score of 18.6 million set of computers and 6.9% of the market. And fourth place, Asus has in its portfolio a share of 7.6% of the market.

Statistics Gartner is slightly different. So,the company believes that in the fourth quarter while Apple only ranks fifth among producers of computers: 5.44 million deliveries and 7.5% of the market. But its backlog from Asus is minimal. And in this quarter, the manufacturer MacBook can circumvent the last in terms of sales and market share.

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