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The new MacBook Pro have limited compatibility with devices with Thunderbolt 3

In late October, Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar and USB-C port. 3. As shown by the first tests of compatibility, portable computers on macOS does not support all devices, developed in accordance with this standard.

Manufacturer the periphery Plugable tested hubs, docking stations, adapters, cables and some other devices with USB-C with a new “professional” laptops. Depending on configuration the MacBook Pro have two to four USB ports-C Thunderbolt 3, but some adapters Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort and HDMI, and also USB hubs-3 C that are incompatible with laptop because of the controllers.

Apple is banned from working with MacBook Pro devices with Thunderbolt 3 controller, the first generation from Texas Instruments. At the same time, these accessories work great with other laptops, such as Dell XPS 12, Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15, Asus UX501VW, HP Elite X2, Lenovo Thinkpad Lenovo Thinkpad P50 and P70. MacBook Pro support only controllers of second generation Texas Instruments TPS65983, which are used, for example, in the docking station Plugable Delivery and Charging.

Also unsatisfactory were the working USB adapter-C to HDMI and one of the docking stations. There were tested 11 devices with USB-C and three cables.

Who knows what the Apple did not hit the first accessories with the Thunderbolt 3, which started to ship in December 2015. Incompatible products work with Intel Alpine Ridge and Texas Instruments TPS65982. All commercially available cables compatible because the controllers are not used.

By the way, this is not the only limitation of interface connectors new MacBook Pro. As we wrote earlier half of the ports 3 Thunderbolt the 13-inch MacBook Pro have limited bandwidth.

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