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The new issue of Billboard magazine will be released with cover taken on the camera of iPhone 7 Plus

The February issue of the magazine Billboard Magazine will be released with the cover photo which was taken by the camera of iPhone 7 Plus. Hero covers were made by the Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello, and a survey conducted by photographer Miller Mobley. Room will be available February 25.

According to Mobley, who has for many years cooperated with the publication, the idea came from the photo editor of the magazine. “She said, “could you shoot everything on an iPhone? — says the photographer. — I like this idea, so I immediately accepted the challenge.”

According to the results of the photo shoot Mobley was pleased with the result: “the iPhone has shown itself to be amazing, I particularly liked the speed of his work. After I shot two dozen photos, we discussed them from the Drugstore and decided to make some more. In the end, the following ended up on the cover”.

“The funny thing in all this was that the heroine of the photo shoot — she is only 19 years — seems not even think that I’m using the wrong equipment. It’s cool — the new generation is using mobile devices so often that even the professional photos taken on an iPhone — it is normal for them, in the order of things”.

Of course, to compare a mobile camera with DSLRs not quite correct, but if we talk about daily use or on getting a new photographic experience, they are largely comparable, said the photographer. Mobley noted that many of the features of iPhone 7 quite in line with what you can get with a professional camera.

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