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The new is Series 2 of the Apple Watch focuses on fitness-opportunities [video]

Apple has released a new promo video for the Apple Watch Series 2 – “Close Your Rings — Dance, Run, Rock”. In advertising the company focuses on the sports possibilities of the wearable computer.

With the release of the Apple Watch Series 2 the company is positioning its smart chronometer as a device for fitness enthusiasts, runners, cyclists and swimmers.

A 15-second clip “Close Your Rings” encourages users of the Apple Watch to be more active to achieve its goals for the training. “Exercise, dance, move – complete the ring,” says the commercial, pointing to the ring achievements in the application Activity.

The idea is pretty simple: if you love to run and to do fitness, the new “smart” watch Apple will be a faithful companion, and easily count the number of calories burned.

Smart watch Apple Watch Series 2 went on sale at a price of 33 990 rubles. The Apple Watch is the first generation, equipped with more productive dual-core processor, is now available for 24 990 rubles.

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