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The new iOS version did not solve the main problem iPhone

On Tuesday, Apple released final version iOS 10.2.1, but the update does not resolve one of the most frustrating failures in the iPhone. We are talking about the spontaneous shutdown of the smartphone, which is dubbed “the bug 30%”.

In November last year, Apple launched a trade-in program battery for iPhone 6s released in between September to October 2015. The company said that the release model 2015 contain the components of the battery, which was exposed to air longer than it should be, causing the power supply goes down faster.

The real problem with the sudden shutdowns of the iPhone turned out to be bigger than say Apple. Journalist Fortune wrote that “users of the most annoying that all this time the company refuses to clarify the situation”. Although Apple has launched a replacement program for certain models of the iPhone 6s, “she pretends to other models is all right”.

IOS release 10.2 allegedly made the problem worse. Manifested only in iPhone 6s models a fault in the form of a turn off when a relatively high battery level (30% or even 50%) spread to other models, particularly the iPhone 6. IOS 10.2.1, as already learned, did not solve the problem.

There were rumors that Apple will extend the program to replace batteries for iPhone 6. However, this information was not confirmed. The company has officially denied such reports, noting that she has “no plans and even the need to launch a broad program of replacing battery in iPhone 6”.

Even if Apple will fix the bug in iOS 10.3, it is possible not to doubt, the final version of the update is unlikely to come soon. The users of the problematic devices will have to wait for the release of two months.

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An additional disadvantage is the fact that to cancel the update and revert back to iOS 10.1.1 where such problems were not observed, it is impossible. Under the replacement program batteries subject to only the iPhone 6s with a specific serial number.

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