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The new generation iPhone is preparing to turn over the market of mobile devices

A number of analysts and market experts predict a decline in orders in the first quarter, which may signal the first ever drop in iPhone sales in annual terms. However, none of those who predicts an imminent crisis in Apple drew attention to a number of important developments in the industry, one of which was the demonstration of wireless charging technology, Energous. According to rumors, Apple is directly connected with this startup. If this is true, then in the near future, the smartphone market are waiting for radical changes.

During last year’s CES 2015, the startup has demonstrated the wireless charging technology WattUp, using radio-wave energy transfer. It uses the same frequency bands where Wi-Fi connectivity. The difference of the technology from the traditional methods of wireless charging is that smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices can receive energy at a distance of 5 meters. Chip Energous has tiny size and unlike induction analogues virtually no effect on the thickness of the device.

Current methods of charging can only be called wireless, since they have short range, and the device should be located at a site that is connected to the network by wire. Just imagine the possibilities offered by WattUp. The owner of iPhone receiving power, need not be at any particular point in the building or to hold the device in the immediate vicinity of the transmitter. Thus, the charging is completely transparent, which not only eliminates wires and allows to work constantly with the mobile device. The smartphone’s battery will charge even when in your bag or your pants pocket.

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There is reason to believe that Apple is the exclusive partner of Energous. Enough evidence provided analyst at Disruptive Tech Research Louis BIZNIS. If Apple manage to implement this technology in a future iPhone, it will revolutionize the smartphone market. Innovation comparable to the emergence of the original iPhone in 2007, which gave rise to mass adoption of touch screens. Users will be less to think about charging the battery, and with the development of technology, and do forget about the power sources.

The transition to a new type of charging will not only increase sales of the iPhone, but will Apple open up a new market segment. After the purchase of the smartphone and tablet, users will need new energy transmitters that need to be installed in different rooms – office, living room, bedroom, etc. most Likely, the iPhone will not be the only Apple gadget that can be recharged in this way.

7 iPhone almost certainly will not be equipped with a chip WattUp, but the introduction of this technology will not keep itself waiting long. Earlier, representatives of Energous has stated that they expect the introduction of wireless charging at a distance in the final device in late 2016 or early 2017.

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