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The new concept showcases the most anticipated features in iOS 9 [video]

On Monday at WWDC 2015 will be presented a new version of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Apple continues to develop its OS and implements a number of new features. Waiting for iOS 9 designer Sam Beckett has prepared a concept in which sold the most anticipated, from his point of view, selecting a new platform.

The capabilities of iOS 9 are shown on a video on YouTube. The author of the concept has updated a number of standard functions of the operating system, which now includes a beautiful new system font San Francisco, Siri interface with bright, similar to the version of voice assistant for Apple Watch, augmented reality in a mapping application, a custom control.

Among others implemented in the concept features of the platform is a new application of “smart” Home, streaming Apple Music service, public transport routes in maps and a new app for iCloud Drive.

Their ideas for iOS 9 designer could fit a two-minute clip:

It is known that iOS 9 will focus not on attracting new functions, and the deliverance of the operating system from errors, optimize its underlying components, improving stability and acceleration performance, strengthening security issues. The platform will be optimized to work with legacy devices.

iOS 9 will be officially presented at the world conference for developers.

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